Kenny Shanker




The alto saxophone appears to be a way of life for Kenny Shanker. It lives and breathes as if an extension of him; and the notes flow out of Mr. Shanker as if he was made almost completely of music himself.Raul DaGamaJazz DaGama
Kenny Shanker burns with boppish abandon.Bill MilkowskiJazz Times
Unique and promisingDan BilawskyAll About Jazz
Shanker's melodic and accessible brand of straight-ahead jazz is immediately enjoyable, with enough twists and turns to reward repeated listeningBruce LindsayAll About Jazz
A pure joy to discover. As a soloist, Shanker is a lyrical gifted player with a keen sense of harmonic development. Steppin' Up is a first rate debut. A rock solid offering full of depth and texture. Kenny Shanker is destined to become a formidable force in the world of straight-ahead jazz!Brent BlackCritical Jazz
Steppin' Up sounds great with the windows down driving the back roads, the music washing over me like a friendly rainstorm. Wherever you decide to listen to Kenny Shanker's debut CD, you'll enjoy the sonic ride.Richard KaminsStep Tempest
A commanding soloist.John BarronThe Jazz Word
Really wonderful tunesDusty Groove
A truly talented musician worth checking outThe Jazz Page
Sure to make your dayNick BewseyIcon
Shanker is not your ordinary composerS. Victor AaronSomething Else Reviews
Saxophonist Kenny Shanker nails an edgy NYC vibeLucid Culture
This new quintet CD by alto saxophonist Kenny Shanker showcases his bright tone, imaginative improvisations, and formidable writing talents. Shanker´s nine original compositions are appealing and memorable on this thoroughly enjoyable debut release that promises many more fine things to comeBob BernotasJust Jazz
A most accomplished debutThe Jazz Breakfast
On his hard-hitting debut CD, alto saxophonist Kenny Shanker shows off a big, ripe sound that is consistently put into service during persuasive, committed solos — Shanker has a lot of bop under his fingers and has no problems revving up to top gear when he improvises. Steppin´ Up clearly conveys the heat and power of Shanker´s music.Peter HumOttawa Citizen
A sterling debut that shows the way to a bright tomorrowMidwest Record
Kenny Shanker taps into a universal soul with his playing. I've witnessed his ability to transcend to a higher level of thought and carry an audience along with him on the journey. With fluidity and ease, he can capture the heart and mind of the many. He is a classic.Jeff JonesGrammy Award-winning producer
Kenny Shanker is a world-class saxophonist. Steppin' Up is truly a masterful recording with a tremendous amount of heart and soul. Shanker's exceptional composition "Sarah" touches me deep inside more than any new song I have heard in some time. Shanker is an important voiceTodd BarkanJazz at Lincoln Center
An incredibly unique voiceBobby Sanabria