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Kenny Shanker — The Witching Hour
Wise Cat Records, 2017

All Compositions by Kenny Shanker (ASCAP)

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1. Kottinger Park (4:48)
2. Cascading Lights (5:21)
3. Spin (5:24)
4. The Witching Hour (3:56)
5. Satin Ribbons (3:15)
6. Saturday, 2 AM (6:34)
7. Cat Island (3:25)
8. Siobhan (3:57)
9. Bobblehead (3:24)
10. Lyra (3:56)
11. Cake Batter (6:46)
12. Spring Flowers (5:55)

Kenny Shanker - alto saxophone
      (soprano saxophone on Cascading Lights and Lyra)
Mike Eckroth - piano
Daisuke Abe - guitar
Yoshi Waki - bass
Brian Fishler - drums

Alto saxophonist Kenny Shanker is back with his third studio album, The Witching Hour. With his longtime rhythm section, Mike Eckroth (piano), Daisuke Abe (guitar), Yoshi Waki (bass), and Brian Fishler (drums), Shanker presents twelve exciting new original compositions. Like his previous releases, Shanker blends hard-hitting, straight-ahead jazz with traces of various other genres, including classical and rock. The Witching Hour is full of memorable melodies, electrifying solos, and enough twists and turns to make it a joy to listen to over and over from beginning to end.